Company Info

What We Do

  • Hosted or Cloud based PBX VoIP phone systems.
  • Sentry Cellular Back-up Service provides peace of mind for our customers and business continuity.
  • VoIP Hardware including phone sets, SIP devices & VoIP enhanced firewalls.

About Us

MAGi, Inc. was born out of an overwhelming need for service oriented digital telecommunications providers. After working in the managed service provider arena for many years we found a void. There were many VoIP providers selling services, however most of them didn’t provide “Last Mile” connectivity. In other words they had great service but didn’t help the end user work with his/her network to get the service to work on their premises. Also telephone service for companies is a mission critical application. Most VOIP providers do not offer a secondary/standby Internet option that keeps your company working when the primary Internet Service "goes down". MAGi, Inc. saw an opportunity to provide a comprehensive solution from a single vendor.


The team at MAGi, Inc. helped me deploy my first hosted PBX, giving me amazing features and lowering my phone costs dramatically. We can even manage our own pbx in the cloud and when we need help MAGi does not charge us for customer service.

John Carter

When we decided to move to hosted VoIP, the Team at MAGi, Inc. worked with us to move our system to the cloud and provided 20 call paths.  Great Service!

Mary Thompson