About Us


MAGi, Inc. was born out of an overwhelming need for service oriented digital telecommunications providers. After working in the managed service provider arena for many years we found a void. There were many VoIP providers selling services, however most of them didn’t provide “Last Mile” connectivity. In other words they had great service but didn’t help the end user work with his/her network to get the service to work on their premises.

So we found the best engineers, technicians, network managers and came up with a solution. MAGi, Inc. was created and partners with managed service providers, phone system installers and Information technology companies to provide complete support to our clients.

We do not outsource support to other countries, and we provide endpoint service from our servers to your desk phone.

Our Sales Model:

We work primarily through our partners, however many clients do call us directly for service in which case they are normally routed through one of our partners for site survey or installation. We do not employ “hard sell” techniques nor do we allow our partners. You can call us for a quote without someone calling you everyday trying to close a sale.

Our Service Model:

We learned from our past experiences and frustrations from dealing with providers that would blame “last mile” connection problems for service quality but offer no assistance in resolving the issue. So we offer a server to desk support experience.

Our Pricing Model:

We offer fair prices with great service. We aren’t the cheapest company in town, however we don’t have to be to save you up 50% on your current PBX provider's bill.
MAGi, Inc.