Virtual PBX Features

  • Local Business or Toll Free Number

This is the main number that the features and benefits revolve around. This is the number that you can advertise and give out to prospects and clients so they can reach you.

  • Professional Greeting

When you sign up for our Virtual PBX, you have the option to either use a generic greeting, or create your own.

  • Auto-attendant

The auto-attendant is the best way to route your calls, and give your business that corporate feel. Upon calling your
Main Number, the caller will hear the greeting and will be prompted to dial an extension. Even better, you can create sub-menus based around the original menu.

  • Extension & Voicemail Capacity

Assign as many Virtual Extensions and Voicemail boxes as you need.

  • Dynamic Operator Extension

By default, extension “0” will be forwarded to the receptionist. However, you can assign this extension to any number.

  • No busy signals/Unlimited capacity

We understand that each call is important to you and your business. By using top of the line routing, we eliminate busy signals. Our system can handle simultaneous calls at any given moment.

  • Change Ring-to Number

Through your on-line account manager, you have the ability to change the destination number of each extension. Changes are completed in real time and are effective immediately. Also, each extension can forward individual phone lines.

  • Unified office appearance

This is a great feature for those who want to give off the impression of a unified office, but in actuality have a team situated in different locations. Our Virtual PBX can have each extension forward to different phone numbers. One extension can forward to a landline in one area, and a separate extension can forward to a cell phone in a different area.

  • No need for a technician

As a MAGi, Inc. client, we eliminate the need for heavy and complicated machinery and confusing software. The only hardware you will ever need is a telephone. We take care of the rest.

  • Caller ID with extensions

Each call that is received through your Main Number is recognized through our advanced system. All calls are logged in your on-line account manager and can be viewed in real time. You can know exactly who called which extension.

  • Voicemail to Email

MAGi, Inc. gives you the option to listen to your voicemails on your computer or by calling into our system.

  • Web based administration

The on-line account manager gives you full control over any PBX feature at any time. View all Call Details, change the routing, listen to voicemails and view account transactions as well as many other features. All details are posted in real time, and all account changes are modified in real time as well.

  • Call Blocking

As a MAGi, Inc. Virtual PBX user, you have full control over your Main Number, this includes selecting who can dial your number. Through your on-line account manager, you have the option to block certain phone numbers or even entire area codes.