SIP Trunking FAQs


How is SIP Trunking Delivered?
Sip Trunking is delivered over the internet using VoIP technology. There are really two way you will see it delivered at your location.
1. Using an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) that connects to the internet and then phone lines are plugged from the ATA to your existing phone system or tied into your telephone network.
2. If you have a SIP capable telephone system, we simply plug an Ethernet cable into your phone system and authorize the number of trunks you need.

What are SIP Trunks?
You can interchange the word trunk, call path or even the old term phone line.

I have old telephone lines now and although I have 3 phone lines and each has a local number, I only publish 1 number and the rest are roll over lines. So with SIP I would only need 1 local number?
Yes, that’s correct. With SIP trunks its not necessary for every call path /line /trunk to have a phone. So you would need 3 SIP trunks and 1 local number. Although we can issue as many numbers as you would like.

Can I get local numbers for other areas?
Sure, we can issue numbers for any of our ten thousand rate centers. For instance, if you were located in Columbus, Oh you could have a Columbus number; plus a Memphis, Tn, Los Angeles, Ca, even a New York City number.

How much does it cost to have the equipment installed, programmed and connected to my phone system?
The installation price varies, based on many factors such as which ATA you will need, if any wiring needs to be done, location of equipment, etc. So we like to do site survey through one of our partners or work with your IT or Telcom professional to help access your needs.

What about 911 Location Service?
We provide a 911 entry for each location you have so emergency can reach you if needed.

What about Directory listings?
We provide directory listing based on your needs, you tell us which numbers you want listed.

If my internet goes down, does that mean my phones wont work?
Yes, that is correct. However, you can contact support and  we can forward your calls to a voicemail or any other number you wish such as a cellphone until your internet is restored.
If I already have SIP Trunking Service and want to change to US Digital Phone can I?
Sure, just drop us a line and we will be happy to assist you with changing over.