Hosted PBX FAQs

I already have Hosted PBX, but would like to switch to MAGi, Inc.. Can I use the phones I already have?
Possibly, we support many brands of VoIP Telephones. When you contact us for a quote, just note the make and model of the phone sets you have.

Can I use my old On-Premise PBX phones with hosted PBX?
No, you would need to upgrade your phones to VoIP phones. We suggest, sell, configure and manage Yealink equipment.

Do I need extra network cabling to use switch to Hosted PBX Service?
Possibly, You will need a data jack at each location you will have a VoIP Telephone. Some models of VoIP phones have a switched jack on the rear of the phone so you could plug the phone into a data jack; then plug your computer into the phone.

I have a firewall, will there be any problems getting reliable VoIP signals through my firewall?
Some firewalls don’t play nice with VoIP traffic, however many have evolved to work well with VoIP. We can help you determine if you will need simple modifications made to the the programming of your firewall or if you need to replace it with a VoIP friendly Firewall Solution.

I have several staff members that work from home, will it be a problem for them to have a VoIP phone on our hosted PBX?
No problem, as long as they have high speed internet they are VoIP ready.

What do we do about faxing?
Excellent question, we have several solutions.

1. We offer E-mail to Fax serivce that will handle incoming and outgoing faxes without using a fax machine.
2. We also can connect an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) and plug your fax machine into the ATA.

I have an alarm that has to be plugged into a phone line, is this a problem?
No problem, again we would install an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) to plug your alarm into for service. (check you local Fire code for fire alarm systems)

I only have one main number, but I have many roll over numbers now. When I switch to Hosted PBX do I need to port all of those roll over numbers?
No, Just the main number. With Digital Phone Service we are able to provide as many call paths/lines/trunks to you as you have paid for with only one local number. However you are welcome to purchase additional phone numbers if you wish; they are $2.00 per month.

If my internet goes down, does my phones stop working?
Yes, however MAGI offers a service we call SENTRY which is a cellular modem back-up service for companies who just can not be down. SENTRY is used as a standby service which monitors your primary Internet service.  When that service goes down or does not provide reliable service then SENTRY automatically switches the service to the cellular modem.  When the primary Internet service comes back on-line SENTRY switches back to it and returns to standby mode.  SENTRY is cheaper than a secondary Internet but provides the business continunity at a low monthly fee.  Contact sales for more information

I have multiple locations, will this system really work like we are all in the same building?
Yes, with our Hosted PBX Service the phones are connected through the Cloud. It works the same if its in the same office or thousands of miles away.

Can I really get as many local numbers as I want in other cities like New York, Los Angeles, St Louis, Memphis?
Yes, regardless of where you are we can provide you with local numbers in over 10,000 rate centers across the USA at $2.00 per number per month.

Are there any extra charges for any of the features listed on the “Features” page?
Nope, you get them all!  You just pay for the Call paths and Extension the rest are free. (Set up fee might apply)

Do you really have  a cancel anytime policy?
Yes, we believe we should earn your business every month.