Hosted PBX Features

The Hosted PBX includes a powerful browser based display/control panel which allows users to see and manage calls.  This HTML5 based display does not require java to be installed on the user machine, as do most other similar products.
  • Create multiple versions of announcements and easily control which ones are in use. An example would be to have a pre-recorded “Due to the weather we are currently closed, but staff is checking voicemail today”, then dial in and tell the system to switch to that message when needed.
​Auto-Attendants (also known as IVR)
  • Unlimited Auto-Attendants can be chained together or used for different departments.
  • Calls can be given the option of dialing extensions.
Auto-Dialer / Call Campaigns
  • Do you have set groups of customers/members with whom you regularly communicate? Use the call campaign manager to place automated calls to lists of numbers.
Attended Transfer

Blind Transfer

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) / Presence Indicator
  • Phones with programmable buttons can show the status of extensions and queues.
Call Detail Records
  • Supervisors and users can see call history in real time – find that person who called you yesterday morning and click “click to call back”
Call Forward on Busy

Call Forward on No Answer

Call Forward on Unavailable

Call Forward on Failure
  • If your Internet is down, or an IP phone is not connected for any reason, calls can be redirected to other extensions, to voicemail or out to mobile phones.
Call Hold.

Call Pickup
  • We can define group call pickup buttons so users can grab a ringing call even if they do not know the specific extension.
​Call Parking/Retrieval
  • When you park a call it is “on hold” on a shared parking slot that can be picked up by user. “Carl, you have a call parked on 710”.
Call Queuing
  • Not just for call centers, call queueing allows the system to make intelligent decisions to get the call answered by a person as quickly as possible. Too many calls already waiting for sales?  Send the new calls to the receptionist.
Call Recording
  • We can do all-call recording on specific numbers, all-call recording for outbound calls by extension, or on-demand recording (Press a button to start recording the call).
Call Routing
  • Each telephone number can route to different destinations.
Call Routing Profiles
  • Used to limit what each phone can call – limit outbound calling, international calling etc by Extension by assigning different routing profiles.
Call Transfer

Call Waiting

Caller ID with name display

Caller ID Black Lists

Conference Rooms
  • Unlimited meet-me conference rooms. Assign different conference rooms to each department to avoid multiple calls being scheduled at the same time.
Dial By Name

Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers.
  • Calls can be routed by the number dialed.
  • Direct Inward Station Access – call in and dial a passcode and you can dial back out as though you were on an extension.
DND (Do Not Disturb)

E911 integration, down to the extension level.
  • Do you have multiple locations on one PBX, or just a few people who work from home? Assign a different emergency caller id to each physical location so emergency services receive the correct address, even if everyone normally has the same outbound caller id for non-emergency calls.
Estimated wait time announcements

FAX to Email/Web to FAX

Find Me/Follow Me
  • Ring your phone, then continue to ring at your desk while simultaneously ringing your mobile.
  • Optionally “confirm” the calls to your mobile. You answer and hear “You have a work call – press one to accept this call”.
  • The system can pass the original callerid through to your mobile – so you see it as a call from the actual caller, not a “call from work”
Hunt Lists

In queue call routing
  • Callers can be given the option of dialing extensions directly to exit a queue. “If you know your parties extension please dial it now, or hold for the next available associate”.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

International calling
  • Optionally turn on international calling and pay very low international rates. We can set limits on total monthly usage.
International Inbound Numbers
  • Do you have customers in other countries or US territories? We can provide low cost INBOUND international numbers in over sixty other countries.  These are usually flat rate – $15 to $20 per month for unlimited inbound, two call channels.  So your overseas customers can reach you without either you or them paying “international” calling rates.
Local Telephone Numbers – anywhere
  • No limitations on “location” of the number. You are not limited to numbers “where you are”, but can add local telephone numbers anywhere in the 10,000+ rate centers where we provide service.  Add a number in Houston, another in New York…or Toronto, with no long distance charges or expensive “remote call forward” lines.
MOS Calculation

Messages on Hold
  • Create an unlimited number of messages for use with hold music or as announcements.
Multi-Lingual messages – recordings can be done in multiple languages and the caller offered ability to choose language.

Music On Hold – Streaming MOH
  • Add multiple music on hold files or use streaming MOH sources.
  • Create multiple paging groups.
  • Page through the speakers on the IP phones or connect to existing paging gateways/overhead speakers (may require a SIP-Paging gateway adapter).
Phone Book/Phone Book based routing
  • Route calls not only by the number dialed, but by the callers numbers. Use this to route calls directly to account reps for specific customers, or give priority routing to key customers.
Position-in-Queue announcements.

  • Auto-provisioning of IP phones.
  • Not just for call centers, call queueing allows the system to make intelligent decisions to get the call answered by a person as quickly as possible. Too many calls already waiting for sales?  Send the new calls to the receptionist.
Record messages remotely

Remote Call Pickup

Route by Caller ID

Route by date

Route by time

Route by weekday

Route by condition

SIP call debug and decoding

SIP Security (SRTP and SIP over TLS)


Supervised Transfer

Three-way Calling

Toll Free Numbers
  • Our toll free numbers are delivered directly to your PBX as a DID number, not pointed to a local number. This allows us to provide you the lowest possible cost per minute, and allows the numbers to be routed anywhere in the PBX.

Voicemail to Email

Web calls/Click to call