Hosted PBX


MAGi, Inc. offers a hosted or cloud based PBX VoIP phone system that can replace expensive phone systems, installation, handsets, land lines and numbers with a simple, cost-efficient alternative. MAGi, Inc.


SIP Trunking


MAGi, Inc. provides SIP trunking both to IP-PBX enabled phones systems as well as to just replace old analog phone lines for Legacy (Older) phone systems or phone lines. SIP trunking is a method of delivering telephone service over...




MAGi, Inc. offers the latest state of the art Digital Telecommunications hardware, from desk sets, SIP connection devices to VoIP enhanced firewalls. Get what you need to make your transition to Digital Phone service seamless....


Cloud Based Phone Services!

Cloud based hosted VoIP phone system for your small business that’s affordably priced.

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Who We Are

VoIP vs. Analog Phones

What’s the main difference between analog phone service and Voice over IP service? It’s the way the voice signals are delivered.

Full Support Services​

Unlike other Digital Providers we provide support from our servers to your desktop. In the industry its refereed to as “last mile”.

Magi Inc

MAGi, Inc. was born out of an overwhelming need for service oriented digital telecommunications providers. After working in the managed service provider arena for many years we found a void.

We were many VoIP providers selling services, however most of them didn't provide "Last Mile" connectivity. In other words they had great service but didn't help the end user work with his/her network to get the service to work on their premises.

So we found the best engineers, technicians, network managers and came up with a solution. MAGi, Inc. was created and partners with managed service providers, phone system installers and Information technology companies to provide complete support to our clients.